The annex III of MARPOL 73/78

Regulations for preventing pollution by toxic substances transported by sea in containers

Toxic substances are understood to be substances considered as harmful to the sea by the IMDG.

Member countries must establish the regulations regarding packaging / containers, markings on labels, documentation..., in such a way that the packages are able to minimise the risk of causing harm to the marine environment, considering their contents. Similarly, the labels must be durable (resisting > 3 months of immersion in seawater) and will bear the technical name and if possible, the United Nations reference number (IMDG no).

The documents must also include all the names of the toxic substances being carried, adding the words (sea pollutant), in addition to certifying the correct state of the packages and their labels.

The vessel will also have a list declaring the location of the toxic substances on board. If there should be a list or detailed drawing of the stowing operations, in accordance with the regulations for transporting dangerous goods in SOLAS 74, they may be combined with the previous documents, making a clear distinction between dangerous goods and toxic substances for the purpose of this annexe. The toxic substances will be properly stowed and secured. The limitations will be in keeping with the dimensions and vessel equipment, and with the type of packages and substances carried.

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