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Tanker lifting equipment inspection and maintenance requirement

All lifting equipment used, for example, for the handling of cargo transfer equipment and/or gangways, should be examined at intervals not exceeding one year and load tested at least every 5 years, unless local, national or company regulations requirements are more frequent.

Lifting equipment includes:
  1. Cargo hose handling cranes, derricks, davits and gantries.
  2. Gangways and associated cranes and davits.
  3. Store cranes and davits.
  4. Chain blocks, hand winches and similar mechanical devices.
  5. Personnel lifts and hoists.
  6. Strops, slings, chains, and other ancillary equipment.

All equipment should be tested by suitably qualified individuals or authorities and be clearly marked with its Safe Working Load (SWL), serial number and test date. The ship should ensure that all maintenance of lifting equipment is carried out in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. Routine activities should be included within the ships planned maintenance system.

All records of tests and inspections should be recorded in the vessels Lifting Equipment Register. These records should be available for inspection by Terminal Representatives where their personnel are involved in lifting operations using ships equipment.


Lifting equipment should only be operated by personnel who are trained and proven competent in its operation.

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